How to automatically send data feed to Froogle?

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The product line in your osCommerce Template does not change often, so I did not combine limited the export to ACTIVE products. If you have inactive products, you might need to change the script.

Also, the category levels are only 2 deep, and the 2nd level would not make too much sense to Froogle. Again, if you have a different method for your categories and naming, you might need to change the script.
Also, even though I got my feed approved / validated by Google, please make sure to go through the process to get it validated by Google for your store.

mysql -uXXX -pXXX -DXXX -e "select concat('http://YOUR_DOMAIN_GOES_HERE

/product_info.php?products_id=',products.products_id) AS product_url, products_description.products_name

AS name, products_description.products_description AS description, FORMAT(products.products_price,2) AS

price, CONCAT('http://YOUR_DOMAIN_GOES_HERE/images/',products.products_image) AS image_url,

categories_description.categories_name AS category FROM categories, products, products_description,

categories_description, products_to_categories WHERE

products.products_id=products_description.products_id AND

products.products_id=products_to_categories.products_id AND

products_to_categories.categories_id=categories.categories_id AND




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