How to Install Magento Theme and Sample Data?

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To install the magento theme please follow the instructions below:

1. Whithin the template archive you will find the folder named after theme name. Usually it is "theme###", where "###" is the actual number of the theme. Copy the folders "\app" and "\skin" from the theme folder into the magento root directory. You will get a prompt to replace the folder conten. Agree.

2. Open the admin panel and choose "System" -> "Design".

3. Press "Add design change" button.

4. In the new dialogue window change the "custom design" value to our theme name value.

5. Press "Save" button.

if you want to set up the sample data that is provided with the template you have to import the xxxx.sql file that contains the sample data into your magento database using phpMyAdmin or any other database management tool, copy content from media folder from the template to your magento installation and reinstall the engine.

To install magento sample data please follow the instructions below:

In case you already installed the template and the engine and you need to install the sample data please do the following:

- open your database with the PhpMyAdmin tool or some other database management tool and drop all tables (sometimes there could be some errors and you'll need to drop some tables manually one by one)
- then import the dump.sql file from the "sources/sample_data" folder of your template package
- then access the magento root on your server, go to "app/etc" folder and delete local.xml file
- then open your magento website in your browser and you'll see the the initial Magento installation page - reinstall the Magento website once again


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